Industrial Edge Plugin (Mendix 9)

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The Industrial Edge Plugin supports you with creating and deploying ready-to-use Industrial Edge apps directly from your Mendix project. Utilize Mendix apps on the shop floor to leverage machine and plant data, optimize operations, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Centrally manage connected devices and software across machines, production lines, and plants to easily deploy apps at scale.

We deliver a seamless user experience from IT to OT by combining Mendix's app development capabilities with Industrial Edge's app management and execution. This enables faster creation of industry-specific applications.

Go make it for IoT!


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Features and limitations

Docker Application Deployment

Description: The plugin creates an Industrial Edge application from your Mendix app, providing a standardized and portable deployment method.

How to Use: Download the plugin from the Mendix Marketplace, open your existing Mendix app, and the plugin generates the IE application from the currently opened Mendix app.

Benefits: Simplify IE application creation.

Docker Image Creation

Description: The Industrial Edge Plugin allows you to build a Docker image from your Mendix deployment package.

How to Use: Simply click on "Add New Version" in the plugin and follow the steps by selecting a docker-compose.yaml to build a Docker image from your Mendix app.

Benefits: Streamline the containerization process, making it accessible in Industrial Edge.

Template YAML Support

Description: We provide a template docker-compose.yaml to help you getting started quickly with common configurations.

How to Use: Select the template, and the plugin will use it as a starting point for your deployment configuration.

Benefits: Accelerate the deployment process by leveraging on pre-defined templates.

Application Catalog Integration

Description: After creating a version, you can seamlessly upload your Industrial Edge application to the Catalog or an App Project of a connected Industrial Edge Management.

How to Use: Follow the steps within the plugin to upload your application, making it readily available for installation on Industrial Edge Devices.

Benefits: Simplify distribution and access to your applications through the Industrial Edge Catalog.


Mendix Studio Pro 9.24.* (9.24.3 - 9.24.10)

Industrial Edge Management (IEM) >=1.3

Installation & Configuration

Please refer to the Industrial Edge documentation.

Known bugs

  1. An Nginx-configured app does not redirect automatically the first time until the user manually enters the URL. After redirecting manually once it works.

The above issue is with Mendix Studio Pro v9.* and is expected to be fixed in Mendix Studio Pro v10.* release.


Version: 1.1.0
Framework Version: 9.24.3
Release Notes: App-level Configuration now can be defined using this plugin: - User-specific data are transferred to the app via app configurations (e.g. data for a proxy server or a database). - This is particularly relevant for apps that do not have a user interface since dynamic values for executing the app can be modified using the configuration. - You can create several app configurations in the Management UI of the IEM before you install the app. When installing apps onto your Edge Devices, you can select which of the created app configurations should be used. - The app configurations are saved to configuration files, and these configuration files are stored in the app volumes.
Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.3
Release Notes: Version 1.0.0 marks the inaugural release of the Industrial Edge Plugin for Mendix. This release empowers you to effortlessly create and deploy Industrial Edge applications from your Mendix Studio Pro, streamlining the development and deployment process. - Docker Application Deployment - Simplify IE application creation - Docker Image Creation - Streamline the containerization process, making it accessible for Industrial Edge - Template YAML Support - Accelerate the deployment process by leveraging on pre-defined docker-compose templates - Application Catalog Integration - Simplify the distribution and access to your applications through the Industrial Edge Catalog