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LogTransporter is a specialized library designed to cater to the growing needs of applications built on the Mendix platform. It bridges the gap between Mendix's logging mechanism and third-party systems with support for HTTP endpoints. Send your mendix logs to any HTTP endpoint!


Demo urlhttps://logtransporter-sandbox.mxapps.io/

Step-by-Step Implementation Guide

  1. Start by integrating the AfterStartup_LogTransporter into your Mendix application's AfterStartup microflow. This lays the foundation for LogTransporter's operations once your application starts.
  2. Proceed to embed the provided Snippet into your configuration page. This allows you to centralize the settings and controls related to LogTransporter.
  3. Deploy your Mendix application. At this stage, make sure to alter the constants representing the username and password.
  4. Accessing LogTransporter Configuration: Once deployed, navigate to the LogTransporter configuration snippets to finalize the settings.
  5. AppSubDomainName Setting: This can be any identifier, but it's commonly the prefix of your application's URL.
  6. Connection URL: This is the crucial link - the destination where your logs will be forwarded to. Ensure it points to the correct third-party system or endpoint.
  7. Environment: Define the environment context of your application, such as ACCP, SOAK, or PROD. This helps in categorizing and filtering logs based on the operational stage of your application.
  8. Autostart: The 'autostart' option, when enabled, ensures that LogTransporter initializes and runs automatically every time the Mendix application restarts. This ensures continuous log transport without manual interventions.
  9. Once all settings are in place, click the 'Save' button to commit the changes.
  10. Post-configuration, click on the 'Restart LogTransporter' button. This action ensures that all the new settings are appropriately initialized.
  11. To ensure the successful implementation, monitor the target system. Verify if the logs from your Mendix application are being correctly routed and recorded.


This version has a limit of 20 transports. For the full version, email support@capegroep.nl.

What is a Transport?

When a set time period elapses or when the log buffer is full, a transport occurs. Adjust these settings in the 'tunables' tab.

Note: A buffer might hold multiple log lines, so a single transport event can send several log lines at once.

To reset the demo limit, restart LogTransporter or your entire application.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.18.5
Release Notes: Initial release of the demo version