Speech To Text Native Offline - Intent Addon

Content Type: Module
Categories: User Interface,Communication,Artificial Intelligence


This module is a addon of "Speech To Text Native Offline" .

This modules allows you to manage keyword that can be detected in the speech to trigger actions accordingly in nanoflows.

This is available as a separated addon because it's more a template to be customized. It expects you to customize the domain model (an enumeration) and it's not easily updatable.

NOTE : if you want to import this module as a "custom module" instead of a "marketplace module", download it in your file system first from a web browser in the "release" tab, and import it with "richt clic on project > import module package".


Typical usage scenario

Manage keywords recognized in the speech to triggers actions.


  • Mendix v9.24.7
  • "Speech To Text Native Offline" v1.3.0
  • CommunityCommons
  • DataWidgets (Gatagrid2)


1- Dependencies, please install

- CommunityCommons

- DataWidgets (Gatagrid2)

2- On Startup of the application, add the "onStart" microflow to generate the IntentRules objects

3- Add a link to the responsive admin page to manage keywords

4- Use the page from the sample (see chapter below), or make sure that the widget "onResult" event calls the nanoflow "1_CUSTOMIZE_ME / SpeechToTextSession_onResult"

5- Use the sample loading nanoflow or make sure to Synchronize the intentrules on the mobile device before loading the page with the widget with the nanoflow with "2_USE_ME / IntentRule_SyncOnMobile".


To Try the sample, just call from a native page the nanoflow "SpeechToTextSession_InitAndLoadSampleWithIntents_USE_ME" in the folder "3_SampleWithIntents".


This module is a template, you can customize it.

1- Intents are defined in an enumeration "1_CUSTOMIZE_ME / IntentEnum"

2- Each intent will be associated to keywords. Those keywords can be defined with 2 methods

- hardcoded in the model as the enumeration caption and separated with semi-column";".

- managed at run-time with the Admin page.

3- Actions associated to the intents are defined in the nanoflow "1_CUSTOMIZE_ME / SpeechToTextSession_onResult" which must used by the widget as "onResult" event.


Version: 1.3.2
Framework Version: 9.24.7
Release Notes: remove widget from package.xml
Version: 1.3.1
Framework Version: 9.24.7
Release Notes: Remove widgets from .mpk file
Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.7
Release Notes: For "Speech To Text Native Offline" v1.3.0 For earlier version, the addon was provided in the resource folder.