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Bring Your Ideas to Life - Turn imagination into reality with our app. From concept to fruition, we’re your partner in idea actualization. Elevate your creativity today!

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, many companies are not able to manage their Innovation portfolio and, hence not able to solve strategic challenges. Having a product to manage the ideas will help you make decisions consistent with your goals and strategy, introduce clear responsibilities that will hold people accountable for progress, as well as create a set of common rules that make the process transparent and understandable for everyone.

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1. Platform - Premium

2. Partner - This would be for the app that we would deploy in the Marketplace

3. Siemens - Teamcenter Connector, 3D viewer





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The application uses Mendix Workflows and is an approval-governed process to Approve and Implement an Idea that is proposed by employees of the organization. The steps for this process are as follows


Step 1: Idea Submission

As a user, if I have an idea that can promote/improve any aspects of an organization, I can use this platform and submit an Idea. I only need to fill in the following

a. Idea Name

b. Idea Description

c. Any supporting Images/Documents [Optional]

d. Tag a department to which the idea is applicable

[Optional: If not tagged, all the departments will be auto-tagged]


Step 2: Idea Approval

All the tagged department heads will receive the notification of the Idea and have to take action with the defined due date. As an approved, I can do the following

a. Reject – The flow ends here and the Submitter will get a notification with the reason for the rejection

b. Request for More Information – The task goes back to the Submitter, wherein he/she has to provide more information as requested by the Approved

c. Approve – The idea is approved and the Approver will fill in the below additional details

         · Approval Remarks/Comments

         · Is Design Related Idea – If Yes, then the manager from the application can connect to Teamcenter and pull up relevant Items and designs to be viewed and used further               in the planning and implementation. If no, then the Teamcenter design pull is not shown

         · The Manager assigns a Planner with a Due Date for the completion of Planning


Step 3: Planning

The Planner will receive the planning task and has to describe the planning in detail and also, upload the supporting documents/images for the same


Step 4: Planning Approval

Once the planning is completed, the task comes back to the Idea Approver, who then reviews the Planning Details and can then do the following

a. Request for more information – In this case, the task goes back to the Planner and has to fill up details as requested by the Approver

b. Approve the Plan for Implementation – In this case, the Approver, Assigns the Plan to be implemented to an Implementor with a Due date for implementation completion


Step 5: Idea Implementation

The implementor will then implement the idea outside of the system and once completed, will mark the implementation as completed along with documents/images as evidence of completion. The task goes back to the approver for validation.


Step 6: Implementation Validation

In this step, the approver checks the implemented idea [offline] for the quality of implementation and if satisfied, will mark the idea as Validation Completed. This ends the implementation. If the approver is not satisfied, then he/she will send the task back to the implementor for reworking the implementation.





  • Idea Submission & Collaboration: Effortlessly share, gather feedback, and collaboratively refine concepts. A hub for dynamic brainstorming among peers. 
  • Voting & Ranking: Empower users to vote on ideas, spotlighting the most promising ones. A democratic system for efficient decision-making. 
  • Idea Validation & Approval: Efficiently assess concepts. Experts evaluate alignment, feasibility, and value. A streamlined feedback loop ensures robust decisions. 
  • Integration to PLM - Connect to Teamcenter and pull the relevant Items/Item revision and the design data when the idea submitted is of a Design Type. 


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: Initial Release