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Configure and embed Blockbax Line Charts within a few clicks to visualize large amounts of data that is stored in your Blockbax project.

The Blockbax Line Chart widget allows you to easily make use of the power of the Blockbax backend and charting capabilities by wrapping it in a Mendix widget which uses the powerful Blockbax Embed API. Simply fill in the required fields, run your application and enjoy the speed and ease of visualizing large amounts of data. Documentation regarding the Embed API can be found here:, however our Mendix widget simplifies the process by only needing you to fill in certain parameters. An example can be found by clicking here.

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The Blockbax Line Chart widget allows you to implement line charts by simply entering parameters from your Blockbax project. The Line Chart will ensure that the correct data is displayed, based on the configured parameters in the widget in Mendix Studio Pro. By using this widget, you will not need to process measurements, rather the graph will be embedded in your Mendix application based on the power of the Blockbax Platform.


Typical usage scenario

If you are looking to implement a Blockbax project in combination with a Mendix portal, you can make use of this widget to create beautiful graphs in a matter of clicks. Perhaps you would like to show sensor data to customers, or insights in trends with regard to asset information, with this widget you simply configure the fields and the chart will be rendered in no time.



The line chart that is rendered has various features, these include but will not be limited to:

Resizable axes

When hovering over an axis, you will see that you are able change the scale of the axis. If you would like the scale to snap to the maximum and minimum bounds, simply click on the axis.


Click, drag and define your desired time period that you would like to zoom in on and you will see that the graph will adjust its range. To zoom back out, simply double click anywhere inside the chart.


In the widget you can configure if you would like to see live data, if you then decide you would like to pause the live data simply click on the pause button on the bottom right of your graph.


Hover over your graph and you will see that you have a legend. Based on the configured choice, you can either have a normal mode which shows the date, time and legend or a compact mode which shows only the values of the series that are defined.



  • Access to a Blockbax Project (contact us if you are interested in getting started!)



Please refer to our documentation for definitions of the parameters


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How can I get started with this widget?
  • A: Feel free to drop us a message via slack or by email at and we will help you get started
  • Q: Do you have any other ways of integrating with my Blockbax project?
  • A: We have also developed a Blockbax Connector which will facilitate your integration even further. Have a look by clicking here



Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.2
Release Notes: - Initial release