Amazon SQS Connector

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Note:  This platform-supported connector is the preferred way to connect to Amazon SQS from Mendix version 9.18.0 or higher. For older versions - from 8.17.0 or higher - you can use the community-supported Amazon SQS Connector instead.

The Amazon SQS Connector allows Mendix makers to integrate with Amazon SQS. It provides following functionalities

  • Create Qeue
  • Delete Queue
  • Purge Queue
  • Send Message Batch
  • Receive Messages
  • Delete Message Batch
  • List Queues
  • Get Queue Attributes

Pre-requisite – It requires AWS Authentication Module.

For more information about our AWS Connector strategy, please see the Mendix Evaluation Guide



Please see in the Amazon SQS Connector in the Mendix documentation for details.



Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.18.0
Release Notes: Initial release of the platform-supported Amazon SQS Connector.