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Welcome to MxBlue - Where SAP and Mendix Collide for Exceptional Solutions!

At MxBlue, we have carved a niche for ourselves as specialists in Mendix products seamlessly integrated with SAP solutions, leveraging our close affiliation with our parent company, SUPERP, a leading SAP consultancy firm. Our core belief is that Mendix, when layered atop SAP, presents the perfect solution for customizations while maintaining a clean and efficient core.

In pursuit of this philosophy, we have undertaken various initiatives, one of which includes configuring a comprehensive stylesheet comprising a wide array of SAP icons. These icons serve as invaluable aids during the transition for SAP users, providing them with familiar and intuitive visual cues. Unlike generic icon sets such as Atlas, glyphicons, and font-awesome, our SAP-based icon sets are remarkably robust in handling data and transportation aspects.

In our continuous effort to enhance developer experiences, we have consolidated these icon libraries into three distinct collections, making them easily accessible and readily deployable without the hassle of searching for classes. With the introduction of Mendix 9.24, this transformation has proven to be a logical and strategic step forward.

Our primary objective at MxBlue is to empower developers working on SAP and Mendix applications with clear, technically-oriented icons that contribute to building remarkable user experiences through Mendix.

If you are passionate about developing Mendix apps with exceptional user experiences, seeking seamless SAP integrations, or aspiring to create Fiorified experiences through Mendix, we are eager to collaborate with you.

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SAP Icon Collection

This module is based on the SAP icons, based on the horizon variant of Fiori from SAP:

SAP icons have been redesigned for the Horizon visual themes with a fresh, friendly, yet bolder style that is consistent in terms of size, stroke, and balance. The icons are tailored for simple and direct user interaction, using metaphors that are easy to understand. Each icon has been hand-crafted and aligned in several formats used by SAP applications. The icons are essentially vector graphics that can be resized easily without compromising their appearance.

More information about the SAP iconography:

We at MxBlue downloaded the 3 font sets, and all the data, and made the mapping of all the unicodes, classes, names, and search tags so the developers can utilize this as 3 icon collections ready to play with.

We created 3 icon collections:

We update this module as soon as SAP adds new versions of these libraries!

Need help with Mendix, SAP, or User Experience?

Please contact MxBlue (part of SUPERP). Our professionals can help with:

  • building great Mendix applications
  • SAP-consultancy
  • User-Experience Design
  • SAP migrations and keeping the core clean
  • Fiorified Mendix applications (to use UI5 and Mendix side by side with the same User experience)
  • Multi theme support (including dark modes)


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.0
Release Notes: Date: 25-07-2023 Author: Dick Doeven Author: Rick van der Werf Copyright: SAP - Initial setup marketplace module - Import & map: SAP icons v5.04 - Import & map: SAP Business suite icons v2.083 - Import & map: SAP icons Fiori tools (unversioned)