Xero Connector

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This module can allow you to integrate different Xero features with the Mendix application, and this allow you to create and manage the various Activities like Purchasing Items for Specific Organization and Make Payments through Xero.



1.Go to https://developer.xero.com and signup for an account.

2.After Creating Account Go to My Apps and Create a new app.

3.After Creation of New app Go to Configuration tab, copy the Client Id, Client Secret and paste them in constants in Resource Folder.

4.Configure Home Page from Use me Folder. Add Module roles Administrator, User in the App Security Level.

5.Add Home_Page, Add Cart and Payment_Details pages in Navigation.

6.Run the Application and Now you can be able to test the following Xero Features.

Typical usage scenario

Refer the Documentation Snippet from USE_ME Folder

Features and limitations:

1.Create Accounts

2.Create Contacts.

3.Update Contact Details.

4.Create Items.

5.Purchase items for specific organization and make payments.


Mendix Modeler Version 9.20.0 and above


Download the Module from Marketplace.

Download the Community Common Module from Marketplace.

Download the Nanoflow Commons Module from Marketplace.




Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.20.0
Release Notes: v 1.0.0