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Here you can find various Java codes that will handle different repetitive utilities in Mendix that currently do not exist.



Helper Utils is a multifunctional module for Mendix designed to provide several useful functions in Java. Features include converting Enum to List and vice versa, obtaining list size, retrieving list objects by index, and splitting by regular expressions

Typical usage scenario

This module is useful for developers who need to perform common tasks in Mendix in an efficient and effective way. Its use could be in any scenario where tasks related to list and Enums manipulation are required.

Features and limitations


  • Conversion from Enum to List and vice versa.
  • Function to obtain the size of a list.
  • Function to retrieve an object from a list by index.
  • Function to split by regular expressions.


  • This module has limitations when dealing with custom or complex data types.

Dependencies [optional]

  • Mendix 10.0.0

Installation [optional]

Installation from the Marketplace

Configuration [optional]

There are no additional steps for the configuration of this module.

Known bugs [optional]

To date, there are no known bugs.




Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 10.0.0
Release Notes: - Enum to list. - String to enum. - Get list size. - Get object from list by index - List builder string - Split by regex