Factorise AppSuite Shop floor optimisation

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Unlock the full potential of your shop floor operations with the Factorise OT App Suite. Our comprehensive suite of OT connected applications empowers your workforce, enhances machine intelligence, and drives data-driven processes. Seamlessly integrate your operators, machines, and processes to optimize productivity, efficiency, and insights. Discover a new era of manufacturing excellence and regain control over your production with our innovative OT App Suite.

One App or an Integrated Suite

Unlock the full potential of your operations with the Factorise App Suite. Whether you’re starting small by digitizing a single process or expanding to multiple processes, our suite offers stand-alone and fully integrated apps to meet your evolving needs. Minimize risk and avoid large-scale projects by taking incremental steps towards digitization. 

Tailored to Fit Your Processes

At Factorise, we understand that every manufacturing process is unique. That’s why all our apps are designed to be highly extensible, allowing you to customize the application to perfectly align with your specific processes. Leverage our extensive library of Mendix connectors, including AWS, SAP, and Siemens products, and integrate the Factorise App Suite seamlessly into your system operations. 

Designed for the Shop Floor

Factorise App Suite is specifically designed with the shop floor in mind. Our apps are developed from the ground up, starting from the OT layer and tailored to leverage OT data effectively. In cases where your machines cannot directly provide the required data, we offer predefined sensor kits that enable you to capture the necessary information and embark on your data-driven production journey. 

Power by Mendix low-code

Experience the power of extensibility with Factorise OT Appsuite. Our software, built on the robust Mendix low-code platform, empowers you to extend and customize your digital solutions with ease. Whether it’s adding new features, integrating with existing systems, or adapting to evolving business needs, our flexible architecture ensures that you can tailor the Appsuite to fit your unique requirements.


Demo urlhttps://eval.factorise-suite.com

Factorise App Suite can be delivered as a full licensed solution include the rights to use Mendix or as a Template leveraging your existing Mendix license. Access to the content is by request.

The Factorise App Suite is designed to run both on Cloud or Edge. For Edge the Suite is leveraging Mendix for Private Cloud for the deployment and product lifecycle.

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