Shopfloor Operational Excellence Platform

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Factorise Shopfloor Operational Excellence Platform: Driving Data-Driven Operations. 

Empower your factory operations with our composable Shopfloor Operational Excellence platform. 

Our out-of-the-box suites are crafted to harness the power of Lean and TPM best practices, transforming your shopfloor data into actionable insights. Each suite is equipped with user-friendly, operator-focused apps designed for capturing, validating, and monitoring the vital data and processes of your factory shopfloor. With an emphasis on ease of use, these tools are tailored to facilitate real-time operational oversight. 

Our integrated suites are the backbone of operational excellence, enabling operation managers, operators, and operational excellence teams to make data-driven decisions. By moving beyond opinions, our platform paves the way for substantial, evidence-based improvements.

Enhance cross-departmental collaboration with easily accessible tiered boards that bolster process transparency. Our operator-focused approach to issue logging and action tracking, combined with robust lean problem-solving tools, fosters a sustainable culture of continuous improvement on the shop floor. 

Discover the core components of our platform: 

Digital Lean: Unleash Operational Excellence through Data-Driven Digital Lean Operations.

Issue Optimiser: Empower Your Shopfloor with Instant Insights and Streamlined Actions for Effective Issue Resolution. 

Production Performance: Unlock Real-Time Production Insights (OEE) Across Your Factory for Enhanced Short Interval Control. 

Machine Lifecycle: Achieve Superior Machine Longevity and Yield with Data-Driven TPM Maintenance. 

Elevate your operational potential with our Shopfloor Operational Excellence platform – where data informs decisions and continuous improvement is the standard.


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Factorise Suites Licensing and Deployment Options

Factorise Suites offer flexible licensing models to suit your business needs. You can opt for a comprehensive license that includes the rights to use Mendix, or select a Template option if you already have an existing Mendix license. Please note that access to our content is available upon request.

The Factorise App Suite boasts versatile deployment capabilities, designed to perform seamlessly in the Cloud, on-premises, or at the Edge. When deploying at the Edge, the suite utilizes Mendix for Private Cloud, ensuring smooth deployment and effective product lifecycle management.

For detailed information on enablement and usage of the Factorise App Suite, please contact us. Our team is ready to assist you in unlocking the full potential of your operational environment.


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