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This module contain javaAction(MergeSort) Which is use to get sorted list of integer and string.



Mendix Studio: above 9.24.0 version


Mendix Studio: above 9.24.0 version

The module has been thoroughly tested and verified to work seamlessly with the mentioned Mendix platform versions. It is designed to leverage the capabilities and features provided by Mendix, ensuring a smooth integration into your application development process.


Merge sort is defined as a sorting algorithm that works by dividing an array into smaller subarrays, sorting each subarray, and then merging the sorted subarrays back together to form the final sorted array. In simple terms, we can say that the process of merge sort is to divide the array into two halves, sort each half, and then merge the sorted halves back together. This process is repeated until the entire array is sorted.

Typical usage scenario


We can use this sorting method for sorting the number list and get the result quickly because the time complexity of this method is better than the other sorting method.

Features and limitations

1.We are providing fast sorting because merge sort time complexity is better than other sorting method.

2.Merge sort follows the divide and conquer approach. It breaks down the input array into smaller subarrays, sorts them individually, and then merges them back together to produce a sorted result

3.We are using one entity(Number) only so merge sorting only possible in this entity only because in java action we are sending list of object of this entity.

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Mendix Version:- 9.24.0

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Mendix Version:- 9.24.0

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Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.0
Release Notes: Initial Release Note.