Pinterest Connector

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Pinterest is a social site where you can collect and share images of anything you find interesting. You can also visually discover new interests by browsing the collections of other Pinterest users.


Pinterest Connector:


1.Goto to create a business account.

2.After creating the Pinterest account go to my apps and select the connect app and fill the details after that click on save button.

3.Go to my apps click on manage button and select the Sandbox in Generate Access Token, click the generate token button so that token will be created, and give the Redirect URL and click on Add button, then the link is added below.

4.Create a configuration entity with the attribute access token and create a page to save the access token.

5.Add this page in the navigation and run the application, Open the configuration page where we need to enter the client id, client secret, required scopes for the access token, Redirect Uri, Sandbox access token from manage button in my apps, click on Generate access token button, it will be redirected to a page and click on give access button then the access token is saved.

6.Provide the scopes pins:read, boards:read, boards:read_secret,pins:read_secret,boards:write,pins:write,ads:write,ads:read, and user_accounts:read.

7.Add the following pages UserAccountOverview, BoardsOverview, PinsOverview, Campaingns in your application navigation.

8.Run the application and now you can be able to test the following Pinterest features.

Features and limitations:

Pinterest User Account: You can get the Pinterest User details, get all the following details, get all the follower details, get all the country details.

Board: Get all the board details, create a board, update a board, delete a board, search a board, get all the Pins on board, get all the board sections, create a board section, get all the Pins on board section, delete a board section, delete pins on board, delete pins on board section, save pin to board section.

Pins: Get all the pin details, create a pin, delete a pin, search pins.

Analytics: Get all the user account daily analytics, get all the user account total analytics, get all the top pins analytics, get all the top video pins analytics, get Pin analytics.

Ad Account: Get all the ad account details, create an ad account.

Ad Group: Get all the ad group details, create an ad group.

Ads: Get all the ad details, Create an ad.

Campaigns: Get all the campaigns details, create a campaign.

Audiences: Get all the audience details, create audiences.


  • Mendix modeler 9.20.0 and above.


  • Download the module from marketplace.
  • Download the Community Commons.
  • Download Nanoflow Commons.
  • Download Atlas Core.


Administrator: Add module roles administrator and assign project module.




Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.20.0
Release Notes: v 1.0.0