Custome Excel Export

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Custome excel export to download data in excel file.



Please download the required dependencies from marketplace first.

Please see in the Mendix documentation for details.



We often have to download files in excel format, sometimes the excel file we download or the

template we use to download the file in excel format has lot of data. In some

cases according to the business requirement the file which the user want to

downloaded, he might not want to download the whole data (i.e. if there are 10

columns in a row and the user wants to download only 5 columns which he needs,

he won’t be able to do that download that). So to tackle this problem this

component can be used so that the user could download the desired data.

Typical usage scenario

This component is used to download data  according to user

choice. For example, suppose there is a list of data and you want the download

the data according to your choice, suppose there are multiple columns in the

row and you don’t want to download all of that, you only want some of the

columns in the excel file, so you can use this component to download that. As

this component will give you the ability to choose the desired columns to


Features and limitations

This component will help you choose your desired columns and let you download it in the excel format.

The user can also modify the java action if they need to. They can also shuffle the columns accordingly.

Dependencies [Required]

  • Mendix modeler version 9.12.5
  • MxModel Reflection from marketplace
  • Excel Exporter from marketplace

Installation [optional]

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Configuration [Required]

Please go through the attached screenshots for any further details

1.       Prerequire Module

a.       Mx Model Reflection

b.       Excel Exporter

c.       Custome excel export

2.       In your Domain model add one to one association to the CustomeExcelExporter/HEADER Entity.

3.      Add your datagrid2 in the data view of Header object.

4.      Open datagrid2  go to personalization and below you can find configuration, pass dataGridConfiguration as a Attribute.

5.       From Export action button call a microflow similar to ACT_ExampleExport and  pass ACT_CustomeExport microflow in the end.


1.       Create a Template.

2.       Create a object of exprotToExcel and attach your list to  NewExportToExcel.

3.       Sheet Name to be used.(Optional)

4.       Create header object and link it to the entity (dataGridConfiguration).

Known bugs [optional]

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Frequently Asked Questions [optional]

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Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.12.5
Release Notes: 0.0.1