Sustainability & ESG App Template: Sustainability and ESG Goals & KPI Tracker Template

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Sustainability and ESG Goals & KPI Tracker

The Sustaira Projects & KPI module is designed with a pre-built framework of projects and tracking KPIs related to sustainable initiatives. Tied to the U.N. goals for sustainability, or any framework of your choosing, you can assess the impact and ease of change with our QuickStart Survey, selecting those goals that you are most interested in or creating your own entirely. Take your ESG and Sustainability plan out of Excel and move it into a live application where you can get 24/7 insights into how you're progressing toward your goals. Assign tasks, track progress, and share your impact with Sustaira.

Problem statement:

  • No efficient way to track progress based on set goals
  • Lack of transparency and engagement
  • Difficult to demonstrate and share the impact

Solution value: 

  • Online 24/7 goal tracking
  • Transparency
  • SDG and custom frameworks
  • Easy to share results internally and externally

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Imagine a world where cutting-edge technology and Sustainability domain expertise are combined. Where Sustaira enables and empowers Sustainability and ESG leaders in making a difference within and for their organizations and ecosystems with innovative and interactive software. Sustainability starts with Sustaira.

The Sustaira Sustainability and ESG App Platform allows users to adopt only what they need through a building block approach. Organizations can select from Sustaira's extensive menu of applications that address the most common challenges in Sustainability and ESG, and what they select is then added to the Sustaira launchpad giving them a single source of sustainability and ESG data that is tailored to them. This launchpad can house Sustaira applications as well as other applications they may already be using! Organizations also have the option to add totally custom ESG and Sustainability applications to their launchpad as well. At Sustaira, we believe in a phased approach, starting first with the biggest priority or easiest "wins" to help organizations get started on their sustainability and ESG journey right away and build trust. As organizations grow in their ESG journey or needs change perhaps due to policies and regulations, organizations can add more applications and functionality to the platform at any time - coming back to that building-block approach.

All Sustaira applications have core features and functionalities that most organizations will need. However, these applications are left open and flexible and are meant to be tailored, tweaked, and customized so that they can 100% meet the needs of whoever may adopt them. This means that if an organization wants specific functionality, calculators, or reports, the Sustaira team can customize that application to do just that.

The Sustaira Sustainability and ESG Goals & KPI Tracker Application template is designed to take an organization's ESG and Sustainability plan out of Excel, emails, or other stagnant systems and move it into an easy-to-use application that gives the user 24/7 insights into how you're progressing towards your goals. With easy integration and the ability to create action items and tag users, this application enables transparency, accountability, and awareness. Currently aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, but flexible enough to support any framework of your choosing this application can be tailored and tweaked to 100% fit the needs of the end user and ensure that you're making progress on your Sustainability and ESG Journey.

Typical usage scenario

Usually, when someone gets started with Sustaira they will begin with anywhere from 1 to 3 applications on their Sustaira launchpad. The most common adoption packages are as follows:

Package 1: Goals and KPI Tracker - This package is great as a step one where an organization needs a way to aggregate data and begin tracking their ESG goals and Sustainability plans in a live application. Usually, this is adopted by organizations that are just getting started, or need a baseline for their sustainability journey to begin data tracking, awareness and accountability.

Package 2: Carbon Accounting - This package includes the Goals and KPI tracker as mentioned above, along with Sustaira's complete Carbon Accounting Solution that allows users to track their scope 1 and 2 emissions as well as dicing into their Scope 3 emissions.

Package 3: Custom ESG App Development - This package is typically adopted by an organization that has a specific need they have not yet found a solution to address. Usually, this is a complex excel based process or a combination of needs that requires a totally new application.

These packages are not mutually exclusive and we have seen folks adopt both packages 2 and 3 at the same time or a mixture of items!

Features and limitations

  • Flexible integration capabilities
  • Online 24/7 goal tracking
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Assign tasks and action items
  • SDG and custom frameworks
  • Easy to share results internally and externally

To get a full understanding of Sustaira's Features and Functionalities, please see the Sustaira ESG & Sustainability Software Evaluation Guide which can be found here:

In order to enable users to make an informed decision on which software or platform to adopt for their Sustainability and ESG needs Sustaira broke down the common Evaluation Criteria that are considered. We have segmented our evaluation criteria into three main groups that consist of various subcategories. Those main groups are Functional, Technical, and Organizational Criteria and Capabilities. This is a comprehensive evaluation guide of Sustaira's capabilities based on the ESG Evaluation Criteria Framework. In this section, you can get a clear breakdown of each segment, what it includes, what you may want to consider, and how Sustaira addresses each criterion.


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