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Grammarly's Widget Plugin is a compact yet powerful tool that seamlessly integrates with the popular Grammarly writing assistant, revolutionizing your writing experience. Designed for users of all levels, this versatile plugin offers real-time feedback and comprehensive editing suggestions across various digital platforms.

The widget effortlessly embeds itself into your preferred writing environment, be it a web browser, document editor, or social media platform. Its advanced algorithms scan your text for grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity, conciseness, and style issues, highlighting errors and offering alternative word choices to improve your writing.

With its real-time functionality, the widget dynamically assesses your writing as you type, underlining potential mistakes and providing immediate suggestions. It adapts to your specific writing needs, ensuring consistency and appropriateness across different genres.

Beyond its editing capabilities, the Grammarly Widget Plugin serves as a valuable writing mentor, offering explanations for corrections and helping you improve your language proficiency. With this plugin, you can enhance your writing, refine your skills, and communicate effectively across diverse platforms.



The Grammarly plugin is a powerful tool that brings the functionality of Grammarly's writing assistant directly to your text input fields. Whether you're typing an email, filling out a form, or composing a document within a web browser, the Grammarly plugin integrates seamlessly, providing real-time grammar and spelling checks, style suggestions, and overall writing improvement.

Once the Grammarly plugin is used it is activated immediately when the text box is selected, it automatically scans your text as you type, underlining potential errors and offering suggestions for corrections. This ensures that you catch mistakes and make improvements on the spot, saving you time and enhancing the quality of your writing.

The plugin not only detects grammar and spelling errors but also provides insights into clarity, conciseness, punctuation, and tone. It helps you refine your writing style, choose the right words, and maintain consistent language usage.

Typical usage scenario

A typical usage scenario for Grammarly when writing emails involves a user who wants to ensure their email messages are professional, error-free, and effectively convey their intended message. Here's an example:

  1. Composing the Email: The user opens their preferred email client or webmail service and starts drafting an email. They use the widget, which automatically integrates with the email interface.
  2. Real-time Error Detection: As the user types the email, Grammarly's powerful algorithms analyze the text in real-time, highlighting any grammar, spelling, punctuation, or clarity errors. The user receives instant feedback and suggestions directly within the text area.
  3. Improving Grammar and Spelling: The user reviews Grammarly's suggestions and makes necessary corrections to fix any grammar or spelling mistakes. This ensures that the email is free from common errors and maintains a professional tone.
  4. Enhancing Clarity and Conciseness: Grammarly also offers suggestions to improve the clarity and conciseness of the email. It helps the user refine sentence structures, select appropriate vocabulary, and ensure the message is easy to understand.
  5. Polishing the Email (available in paid version): The user makes final revisions and refinements based on Grammarly's suggestions, ensuring the email is clear, coherent, and error-free. They can also utilize Grammarly's tone suggestions to adjust the message's formality or friendliness, depending on the intended recipien

Features and limitations

The widget is a custom text area wrapped around the Grammarly SDK, which helps analyze the correctness of the text based on the specific context. While most of the input text area features from Mendix are incorporated, the widget does not currently allow visibility and editability control.


To configure the widget:

  1. Create an account in
  2. Create a new app in the same portal. Navigate to MyApps -> New Apps-> Give a name to your app -> Create
  3. Click on the newly created app and note the Client ID located under the CLIENTS section
  4. Copy the Client ID and paste it in the widget's Data Source section.

Run the app and the Grammarly Editor will autostart once the Widget is selected. 


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.19.0
Release Notes: This plugin seamlessly integrates with the acclaimed Grammarly writing assistant, providing real-time feedback and comprehensive editing suggestions across various digital platforms. Key Features: Real-time Editing: The Grammarly Widget Plugin offers instant feedback as you type, highlighting potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity, conciseness, and style issues. This ensures that your writing is error-free and impactful right from the start. Seamless Integration: Once installed, the widget effortlessly embeds itself into your preferred writing environment, including web browsers, document editors, and social media platforms. It adapts to your specific needs and offers contextual suggestions accordingly. Versatility and Adaptability: Whether you're writing a formal email, a research paper, or a casual social media post, the plugin adjusts its editing suggestions to match the context and tone of your writing, ensuring consistency and appropriateness across diverse genres. Educational Support: The Grammarly Widget Plugin serves as a valuable writing mentor by providing explanations for suggested corrections. It helps you improve your language proficiency, develop a keen eye for detail, and elevate your overall writing skills.