Content Type: Widget


When you are using Enumeration datatype of any attribute in your application, you can use this widget. It is easy to configure and provide Search functionality



Enum Dropdown with Search widget is a “React Select” widget which provides the functionality to search in Dropdown and clear data in single button click.

Typical usage scenario

If you are using an Enumeration data type in your application and require a search functionality on the drop down than you can use this widget. 

Features and limitations

1.      Search- It provides the feature to search in the dropdown.

2.      Clear- It provides the feature to clear data in single click.

3.      No configuration required.

Dependencies [optional]

  • Require Mendix 9.1.0 or above.

Installation [optional]

1.      Download the widget from marketplace.

2.      From Add-ons tab drag and drop “Enum Dropdown with Search” widget on your Mendix page

Configuration [optional]


  1. Attribute- Select the enumeration attribute that will bound to the Enum Dropdown widget. This attribute will store user's input.
  2. Label- An optional field is you want to show select yes and enter text. The text will be displayed as Label.
  3. Editability- Use to show the editable conditions i.e., widget is editable, readable or in which case it is editable.
  4. Visibility- Define the visibility of widget i.e., widget is visible for all the scenarios or there are some conditions to display it.
  5. Events- It determines that on change of the value of dropdown which action you want to perform.



Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.1.0
Release Notes: Initial Release