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Deep Link File downloads 


We often need to send email with attachments, which makes the mail with attachments so increase the size of mail send, hence it fills more space for user with iterative mails with attachments, so we produced a solution that we can send a link in the mail, (this link can also be shown in UI). So that once the user clicks on the URL the file gets downloaded. 


  1. On emails instead of attachments we can directly use links to download. 
  2. Files can be downloaded with normal user login and download, even without logging in (If allowed for anonymous user) 
  3. In UI links can be used as more optimal way instead of fetching respective files 

How to use this Component 

  1. Prerequire Modules 
  2. Mx Model Reflection 
  3. Excel Exporter 
  4. Deep Link 
  5. Add this custom “DeepLink_FileDownload” Module. 
  6. Add Navigations for Deep Link Configuration page, do Mx Model Reflection 
  7. * You can have a custom Deep Link URL in your application from which you can download the files or can modify the existing one -> just make sure u add DL_DownloadFile_FileId as Microflow to handle your Deep Link 
  8. Add Project security for user roles which will require downloading files using Deep Link in the Mail. 
  9. User role in this Module. 
  10. User / Configurator Role from the Deep Link Module 
  11. Note: If you Allow Anonymous user role with this link then it is possible that anyone who can access the URL can download the FILE. Take care in case of sensitive data. 
  12. Replace DeepLink_FileDownload.FileReport usage with the entity which store the Files getting downloaded (Specially in the DL_DownloadFile_FileId) 
  13. In the UseMe folder of this Module there are two files 
  14. GenerateDL_FileDownload : This Take input of File id and Deep Link Key and based on that it will Generate Deep link and returns the Deep Link URL which can be send on email or can be shown on UI, etc. 
  15. DL_DownloadFile_FileId : It download file with given Id from the FileReport (Make sure to change this with your entity of files) 


  1. FileId is different in each environment  as Autonumber is specific to current DB in use.  
  2. File id is unique, as its autonumber (This can be further customized) 


1. This widget can be further customized So you can copy the file and start updating with your custom logic.  

2. Also, you can reach out for new functionalities added. 




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Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.0
Release Notes: This version is for Mendix 9.24.0 and above.