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The custom text box widget is an enhanced version of the existing text box widget, designed to prevent validation from blocking other microflows or events on the page. It offers configurable attributes, validation rules, and event triggers such as on change. This widget provides a flexible and user-friendly solution for capturing text input with robust validation capabilities.


The Custom Text Box Widget is compatible with the following versions of the Mendix platform:

Mendix Studio: All versions

Mendix Studio Pro: All versions

The widget has been thoroughly tested and verified to work seamlessly with the mentioned Mendix platform versions. It is designed to leverage the capabilities and features provided by Mendix, ensuring a smooth integration into your application development process.

Please note that it is always recommended to use the latest version of the Mendix platform for optimal compatibility and access to the latest enhancements and bug fixes.


The Custom Text Box Widget is an advanced solution designed to address the limitations of the default text box widget in Mendix applications. It offers enhanced functionality and validation options while ensuring that other microflows and events on the page are not blocked. With this widget, developers can create intuitive and user-friendly text input fields with ease.

Typical usage scenario

When the user wants to use the text boxes for data type string , integer and decimal in a single form page and after giving invalid input for any one text field ,

then other custom validations added to other text boxes wont work until and unless the user gives valid input in that particular text in this type of cases user can use our custom text box widget to avoid such cases.

Features and limitations   

This Text Box checks validation for the given user input and and doesn’t block other custom validations or microflows even user gives invalid input for the current text


Configuration [optional]

Drag and drop the custom text box widget onto your Mendix page.

Configure the following properties in the widget's property pane:

Attribute: Select the attribute that will be

bound to the text box widget. This attribute will store the user's input.

Attribute Type: Choose the appropriate type for

the selected attribute. The available options include text, integer, decimal,

and date.

Label: (Optional) Enter the text that will be displayed as the label for

the text box widget.

Editability: Determine whether the text box is editable or read-only. If

set to read-only, users will not be able to modify the text box value.

Visibility: Define the visibility condition for the text box widget. You

can set it to be visible or invisible based on a Boolean expression.

Events: Configure the following events for the custom text box widget:

On Change: Specify the action or nanoflow that will be triggered when

the user changes the value in the text box.

Known bugs [optional]

when user enables label for custom text box , the validation message appears beside the text box instead of coming under the text box , by next update will fix that.




Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 8.0.0
Release Notes: Initial Release