Database Monitor

Content Type: Module
Categories: Tracing


Monitor your database during runtime!

  • Check the size of all of your tables.
  • Set alerts for table sizes to proactively monitor performance bottlenecks.

Very easy to setup and no dependencies.


Database Monitor

A module to quickly check the sizes of the database tables during runtime and set alerts if the tablesize becomes to big.


  • Analyze table sizes during runtime
  • Set thresholds to warn/alert on when a tablesize becomes to big


  • None


  1. Import the module
  2. Set the correct administrator userrole for the module
  3. Add the SNIP_TableSizes snippet to a page
  4. Run the app and click on the Get Sizes button.


Set warning and critical thresholds for the tables, if crossed it will either log a warning or critical message and change the table status.

Import notes

This module will only work for Postgres databases in the cloud or when running a restored postgres database locally!

Future features

  • Easy way to perform vacuum actions
  • Add some useful runtime graphs

Issues, suggestions and feature requests


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.18.4
Release Notes: Initial Release