IndiuMX Salesforce JWT Connector

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Then IndiuMX Salesforce JWT enables you to connect seamlessly to Salesforce APIs. The connector provides JWT tokens, that can be used to get the authorization token which is used to access the Salesforce services by using server-to-server communication.



Use the Salesforce JWT generator to get the JWT token in-order to get the authorization token to authenticate your app with your Salesforce Instance(s). For more information on how to use the Salesforce REST API see Introducing Lightning Platform REST API.

Typical usage scenario

To generate/get the authorization token.

To use the salesforce API's.


The client id needs to be passed.

The username needs to be passed(ex: email id).

Audience and the Time that makes the JWT token valid needs to be passed.

All are required/mandatory fields.


This java action will be used to generate the JWT tokens only. Use this token to get the authorization tokens from salesforce and then you can use the salesforce API's.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.0.5
Release Notes: Second release