IndiuMX Tree Checkbox

Content Type: Widget
Categories: Utility


The IndiuMX Tree Checkbox enables user to show a Tree structure along with checkbox in your application. It uses hierarchies based on sets of nodes or child nodes with a parent. It is commonly used for data filtering scenarios and to show hierarchical structure of the organization etc.


The indiuMX Tree Checkbox widget can be used by following procedures.

  • The input attribute should contain the JSON that is required to load the data in the widget. The JSON format is as follows:
[{ value: 'mars', label: 'Mars', checked: true, children: [ { value: 'phobos', label: 'Phobos',checked: false}, { value: 'deimos', label: 'Deimos',checked: true }, ], }];

Here the value and label can be same to display it on the tree. The checked key must be either true or false. If it is true then the checkbox will be checked by default.

  • The output attribute will contain all the checked/selected nodes from the tree.
  • The expand all attribute is a Boolean attribute will determine whether the tree nodes needs to be expanded by default on not.
  • Enable filter will add a filter on top of the widget.
  • On Selection Event will be triggered whenever there is selection/checked/unchecked in the tree node.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.0.5
Release Notes: This release contains IndiuMX tree checkbox widget code