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Are You Looking to Streamline Your Insurance Underwriting Process?


The Bonsure Underwriter Template, is a customizable and user-friendly solution designed to streamline the underwriting process and enhance risk assessment capabilities for insurance companies.


Key Features of the Bonsure Underwriter template include:

  • Automates data retrieval, reducing manual data entry errors and saving time.
  • Generates comprehensive risk profiles for each applicant.
  • Provides data-driven insights for informed policy acceptance, pricing, and coverage decisions.
  • Automates repetitive tasks, freeing up underwriters for complex cases.
  • Flags potential fraud in policy applications with fraud detection capabilities.
  • Improves efficiency by enabling efficient processing of policy applications, reducing processing times.
  • Continuously improves risk assessments as machine learning algorithms improve over time.
  • Streamlines the underwriting process, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The Bonsure Underwriter Template is designed for insurance companies that handle complex policy applications and seek data-driven insights to make informed decisions. It is particularly useful for companies looking to manage risk better and offer more tailored policies to their customers. The template is also highly customizable, allowing companies to adapt it to their unique needs and optimize their underwriting process for maximum efficiency and accuracy.


The Bonsure Underwriter Template is a part of the Bonsure Suite, which includes other templates such as the Claim Handler Template, Quote and Buy Template, Agents Template, and more, providing a comprehensive set of solutions for insurance companies seeking to optimize their operations and improve customer experience.



Bonjoy's Underwriter Workbench is an innovative underwriting solution that provides an intuitive user experience and seamless collaboration capabilities. This robust framework is designed to empower agents, brokers, and underwriters to work together in real-time and streamline the underwriting process.


  • User-Friendly Interface: The Underwriter Workbench features an intuitive interface that is easy to use, eliminating the need for extensive training. Users can quickly access the information they need to make fast, informed underwriting decisions.


  • Real-Time Collaboration: The Underwriter Workbench allows agents, brokers, and underwriters to view and interact with the same data simultaneously. This enables them to collaborate more effectively, make better decisions, and accelerate the underwriting process.


  • Powerful and Integrated: The Underwriter Workbench is a comprehensive underwriting solution that is fully integrated with Bonjoy's suite of insurance tools. This end-to-end platform provides a modern underwriting environment with robust capabilities.


  • Improved Efficiency: By facilitating collaboration between key stakeholders and providing an intuitive user experience, the Underwriter Workbench is designed to make the underwriting process more efficient and streamlined. This results in faster turnaround times, higher quality underwriting, and an improved customer experience.


Bonjoy's Underwriter Workbench is an essential underwriting solution for insurance professionals looking to modernize systems, reduce inefficiencies, and strengthen partnerships between agents, brokers, and underwriters. This innovative workbench integrates seamlessly with the full Bonjoy insurance suite to deliver a comprehensive platform for business growth.





Typical usage scenario

An insurance company with a high volume of policies leverages the Bonsure Underwriter suite to streamline their underwriting process, reduce human errors, and improve risk assessment accuracy for new policy applications.







The Bonsure Underwriter application is designed to be seamlessly integrated with other Bonsure applications, provided that it is integrated with an external policy management system and CRM solution.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: Initial Release