Braintree Connector

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Braintree Payment Gateway module integrated into a Mendix application would allow users to make secure and seamless online payments. The module would enable businesses to process payments through Braintree's payment processing gateway, which offers a range of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and more.

The Braintree Payment Gateway module would typically handle all aspects of payment processing, including the authorization, capturing, and settling of payments. It would also ensure compliance with industry security standards such as PCI DSS and provide customizable payment forms to match a business's branding and user experience.



Braintree is a payment gateway that enables businesses to accept online payments securely and efficiently. It was founded in 2007 and is now a subsidiary of PayPal. Braintree's platform provides a simple and secure way to accept payments from customers anywhere in the world, in multiple currencies and payment methods.

Braintree offers a range of payment options, including credit and debit card payments, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. It also supports recurring billing, which is useful for businesses that offer subscription-based services.

Typical usage scenario

Make payments with Braintree payments gateway API’s.

Features and limitations

Create Customer: Customer is created in Braintree gateway by REST API while registering as new user.
Billing Address: Customer create billing address while checkout by calling java actions for token, nonce.
Payment Method Id: Customer creates payment method with call REST API by using billing address java action.
Transaction: Customer create transaction by payment method id and amount . For further transactions he can use saved payment methods and billing address.
Transaction status: After creating transaction customer able to see the trasaction status with details by calling Transaction search REST Api. 6. Last Transactions: Customer can see the last transactions he made by REST api with customer Id.


1. Customer can't void the transactions.

2. Not tested with Production environment credentials.



  • Mendix modeler version 9.16.0 or higher versions.
  • Community Commons.


1.Download the community cormons module from the appstore if you havn't already.

2.Connect the Administrator,Customer and Guest module roles to user roles in app security.


1.Register for the Braintree payments sandbox/production account and get credentials public key,private key from top right gear icon > Api.
2.And also collect merchant id for java actions.
3.Configure the constants 
  a)Location: (sandbox URL)
  b)PublicKey: Braintree Api keys
  c)PrivateKey: Braintree Api keys
  d)Content-Type: application/json
  e)MerchantKey: Braintee Api keys > client side encryption keys
4. In Navigation connect Sign-in-page and home page with Login_Page.
5. Connect app security user roles as per module role names.(Administrator,User,Guest)
5. Configure Navigation items with pages BrainTree.Seller_Overview, BrainTree.Customer_Overview and Administrator.Account_Overview page for administrator. 
6. Configure Navigation items with pages BrainTree.Customer_DashBoard, BrainTree.Customer_Cart_Overview, BrainTree.Customer_Transaction_Overview for customer.
7.  In ACT_ListofCustomers microflow REST activity request body enter value of   "greaterThanOrEqualTo":  "MerchantAccountcreatedDate", eg: 2023-04-10T00:00:00+00:00.

Known bugs

  1. Few alignments in pages.





Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.16.0
Release Notes: Version V1.0.0