Intuitive Material Grid

Content Type: Widget
Categories: User Interface


It will provide you the Grid Structure with More Actions


  1. Download the widget from the Mendix App Store
  2. Create a Microflow where it will return list of information. (Ex: You have a Database table which has Company Details which is having Employee Name, and Employee Email Address)
  3. Go to any of your existing application page.
  4. Right Click and get the Add Widget Action
  5. It will popover the list of widgets which is available to use for the application



  1. Then select the Widget “4criskreactMaterialGrid” from the list




  1. Once you selected it will throw you few errors
  2. Then Double click on the widget
  3. You will see the list of tabs like Grid (Like below)



  1. You can select the datasource, it will be the core and it will be displayed in the UI.


  1. Then provide the Title, Grid Source of our own choice


  1. In the Data Section we need to add which all the column values and select the attributes those will be visible in the grid





  1. Once you selected the values and click on “Ok”
  2. Now there will be no errors and you’re widget is ready to use
  3. The final output will be like below



Additional Features:

  1. Search by Column
  2. Global Search
  3. Show Hide Columns
  4. Download Excel
  5. Download PDF
  6. Group By


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.16.1
Release Notes: Version 1