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Shift management is a challenge for employees and supervisors. Varying skills and shift requirements, high turnover, and lack of access to real-time availability data add to the complexity of the process. Yet retailers rely on properly-staffed stores and warehouses to provide excellent customer experience. 

ShiftSwap allows associates to exchange shifts on a marketplace and supervisors to add new shifts or cancel existing shifts, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and manual communication. Employees can manage their schedule on-the-go with a native mobile app, improving shift and workforce utilization. 


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ShiftSwap comes as a fully featured sample application. This includes generation of test data to quickly demonstrate all the features within the application such as:

          1.Branch management
          2.Work schedule creation
          3.Employee management
          4.A shift marketplace
          5.Enabling associates to trade shifts

The application comes with a web and a native mobile component. User accounts are pre-generated and some samples include:


The default password for these accounts is Pass01.

The ShiftSwap process
To swap shifts an associate must first choose a shift of their own to list on the marketplace. This can be any future shift that is currently unlisted.
An associate with a matching skill set is then able to see this listing on their marketplace and they are able to offer up one of their shifts in exchange for the listed shift.
The first associate is then able to accept or reject the offer.
Unassigned shifts can also be listed on the marketplace by a store supervisor and these shifts can be simply accepted by any associate with the correct skill.
Shifts can also be directly transferred between associates using the inbuilt QR scanner.

This application will be provided as is and comes with no additional support.
Conflicting shift detection is not a feature of this application so it is possible to double book an associate.
This application was created by two developers in association with Wipro in approximately 15 days.



Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.0
Release Notes: Initial release