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Feed your Mendix app with data from equipment, IIoT devices and industrial IT systems

SMARTUNIFIER represents a powerful and fully decentralized connectivity and DataOps (Data Operations) platform to interconnect all fab devices and IT systems including equipment, peripheral devices, sensors/actors, MES, ERP as well as cloud-based IT systems.

SMARTUNIFIER can combine multiple data channels for a holistic view of an entire process or various processes. User-definable data mapping simplifies interface creation, and numerous pre-packaged, reusable protocol converters (adapters) are available to collect equipment status and condition data. High-volume and high-speed, real-time protocol conversion enables high-speed production monitoring and control.

SMARTUNIFIER Mendix module is an add-on to the Mendix Platform enabling Mendix developers to quickly and easily create interfaces to industrial equipment and / or other industrial systems.

How it works:

- Connecting to a SMARTUNIFIER Instance which serves as a REST server for Meta information and publishes events to an MQTT Broker for Metric values (e.g., temperature, pressure, velocity, ...)
- Browsing and selecting the specifics of the retrieved data (topics)
  - Meta Information contains attributes that describes assets posted for a topic
  - Metrics define the attributes of the metric values the assets are posting
- Using metric values in the application by selecting a Mendix Nanoflow as a data source



To get started feeding your Mendix app using the SMARTUNIFIER Mendix Module a installation of SMARTUNIFIER is required.


MQTT Client

How it works

First, you have to configure a SMARTUNIFIER Communication Instance that maps data from any industrial equipment or IT system to the Mendix Channel. The Channel provides an REST server that serves metadata. Metadata describes the data coming from an equipment or IT-system and is defined and modelled with SMARTUNIFIER Information Models (e.g., asset id, timestamp). It also specifies the protocol over which metric data is transmitted to the module (time series data e.g., temperature, pressure, velocity, ...). In the initial version, MQTT is supported.

Once the Communication Instance is deployed and running, you only have to access the module’s UI, connect to the REST server, and subscribe to the available topics.

The data will be written in the database and you can use it further in your Mendix app.

User Guide

For more information about SMARTUNIFIER and it functionality please check out our user manual.


To get in touch with please use our support portal or drop us a message.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.20.0
Release Notes: Initial Release