FiServ (cardpointe) Connector

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The Kinetech CardConnect Module brings payment processing to the Mendix marketplace. This expert maintained widget supports multiple payment processing options including:

  • Dip the chip

  • Swipe card

  • And Card not present (e-commerce) transactions

The payment gateway is provided by FiServ, and requires banking customers to complete FiServ / Know Your Customer (KYC) paperwork.  This module supports multiple device types offered by Card Connect, contact us for latest details. To get setup contact Kinetech Sales:

  • , 

  • (844) 546-3832, 



Features and limitations:

  • The solution leverages tokenization and end-to-end encryption

  • Mendix app will never store payment data






To get setup contact Kinetech Sales:

  • , 

  • (844) 546-3832, 



Known bugs

  • No known bugs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do I need a FiServ / CardConnect account to use this widget?

  • A: Yes, Kinetech sales will assist you getting setup. You may also complete this form:

  • Q: How much are fees?

  • A: Depends on processing type, but generally more competitive then industry standard 3%.

  • Q: How long does it take to get setup?

  • A: It depends on how quickly organization can complete KYC paper work with FiServ, setup merchant account, select payment gateway, receive device, process test payment, begin collecting payments.




Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 8.0.0
Release Notes: Initial Release