Aircraft Fleet Retrofit Planning

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When Aircraft manufacturers or Airlines need to maintain a full fleet of airplanes they need to coordinate not only the skill teams (engineers, Security, Workers) but also all other resources on the ground

This ends up with a very large scope of tasks to be performed on 20+ planes at the same time, by more than 10 teams and
And al those tasks need to be completed in a relatively short time frame

Planning and workflows becomes the critical part of such activities

TocNDix has developed a powerful yet very visual tool to help engineers and managers to pilot this big assignment     



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Typical usage scenario

Aircraft or Airlines that is forced to upgrade a fleet of several aircraft
They need to allocate work to skilled teams and list all types of tasks to be performed for one given aircraft

The maintenance manager will then be able to allocate jobs, tasks and follow up the whole progress of the retrofit Program  


Features and limitations

Data on airplanes are meant for Boeing 777-xx  type



  • Mendix MX Reflection Module
  • Mx Excel Import Module
  • MX Email management module
  • Mx Gantt Module 




Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: This first version has been co-developped with a giant aircraft manufacturer - all data are normalized