ESG Scoring and Assessment for Corporates

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Product Description 

Our original IT tool that helps your company assess its maturity level towards the sustainable objectives set forth by the European Union. Our product uses a comprehensive set of criteria to evaluate your company's sustainability practices and assigns a score* to each entity within your group. This allows for a deeper understanding of your company's sustainability efforts and highlights areas for improvement.

Not only does our product provide valuable insights into your company's sustainability practices, but it also fosters a culture of internal positive competition and encourages a sense of accountability. 

With our user-friendly interface and detailed reporting, you can easily track your progress towards sustainability goals and monitor the success of your remediation efforts. Start your journey towards sustainable success today with our innovative IT product!


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*The tool let you define your own scoring method 


Typical usage scenario

A large international Group wants to boost its global maturity on ESG goals set by UN – One clever way to do this is by launching a kind of an internal contest
Therefore every sub is invited to score itself by declaring (and providing proofs) their own actions on each of the 17 goals / Areas 

Features and limitations

Questionnaire Set-up – We have defined our owned based on our experience – However each company is free to define the list of questions and criteria to make report on

Questionnaire fill-in And Scores calculation

Full Workflow management between Entities and Assessor 

The Group Assessor (generally within HR group) review all Questionnaires submitted

Multi Language Support : each entity can chose to fill in the Qr- Today Only in English or French  – The Assessor can also view Questionnaire in the language he is comfortable with 



  • Mendix modeler version]
  • Mendix Excel Import 


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Q: can we add a language ?
  • A: Yes as long as you can provide the list of question in this language
  • Q: can we set the contest at entity level instead 
  • A: Yes the comparison between entities is already there 




Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.20.0
Release Notes: The first release is meant for an International Corporate - Might be deployed for any other large company sub-divided into several entities across different countries