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Get insight fast in where you need to do your apps housekeeping.

In 15 minutes this module provides a dashboard of your persistent entities.

  1. How much rows does each entity have
  2. How much is the total filesize for FileDocument and specializations.

The housekeeping you will have to develop yourself, but now you know where to start.



Find the number of rows for all your entities and the filedocumentsizes for your specialisations of FileDocument.  

Typical usage scenario

Find out fast what causes your filestorage issues and which objects can do with some housekeeping. 

Features and limitations

You still have to do your own house keeping.


  • ModelReflection


  • Add the Mendix ModelReflection module if not already in your app. 
  • Add the Entity Statistics module, link a user role to the module role.
  • Create a page with the SNP_EntityDashboard_Overview snippet in itand add it to the navigation.


  • Don't forget to run modelreflection for the entities that should appear.

Known bugs 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Q: Who does the housekeeping
  • A: That you will have to manage yourself.




Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.22.0
Release Notes: V1. Based on ModelReflection