HumbleBee Claims Management

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The HumbleBee Claims Management application is a ready-to-use application for registration and handling claims on insurance policies, from First Notice of Loss and Claims Assessment to financial settlement and closure of the claim. Using its unique Dynamic Case Management (DCM) and Business Rule Management (BRM) functionality, it is possible to tailor and add you own claims processes and Straight_Through-Processing rules.

Using the powerfull underlying Mendix low-code technology, it is easy to integrate the Claims Management application with third-party claim handlers or information services, or to integrate the solution with your back-end financial ledger and policy administration. The Claims application can be used as part of the HumbleBee suite for insurance or as an independent Claims solution within your IT landscape.


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Complete Mendix application template of the HumbleBee Claims Management application.


The HumbleBee Claims Management application is by default integrated with the HumbleBee Policy Management and Party Data Management application via Mendix Connect (Datahub), but can also be used without the other HumbleBee applications if it is integrated with an external policy management and CRM solution.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.2
Release Notes: Humblebee Claims Management application 1.0.0