HumbleBee Policy Management

Content Type: Industry Template
Categories: Utility,User Interface,Data


The HumbleBee Policy Management application provides end-2-end management and administration of insurance policies. Using the unique Dynamic Case Management module and Business Rule engine, it is possible to configure any policy lifecycle and underwriting process, from quoting and subscription, to mid-term adjustments and cancellations. The product agnostic design and included APIs allow full omnichannel engagement with partners, clients and third-parties. The HumbleBee Policy Management application can be used on top of existing (legacy or cloud) policy administration or CRM systems for back-end orchestration, or use its included policy administration and party data management registers.  


Demo url


Mendix template of HumbleBee Policy Management application.


The HumbleBee Policy Management application requires usage of the HumbleBee Product Management application for product configuration and Mendix Connect (Datahub).


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.2
Release Notes: HumbleBee Policy Management application