HumbleBee Product Management

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One of the main concepts behind HumbleBee is that the whole solution is product agnostic. This means that new products, and its components can be easily defined and configured in the Product studio. And these products and components will then be automatically used in the policy management and claims management applications. The functionality and processes in these policy management and claims management applications do not depend on the exact configuration of the product. For the configuration of the products, we use a modular product approach, which means that a product consists of one or more reusable components, and that these components can also consist of other components.



Application template for Product Management application to configure modular insurance products including components for insured objects, covers, parties, etc. The included data model includes configuration of insured objects and data fields for property, liability, car and personal lines of business, but can be easily extended for other types of exposures.

Typical usage scenario

The Product Management application is the basis for the Policy Management and Claims Management applications in HumbleBee but could also be used as independent application to manage and define new product versions and packaged products, or as product management application on top of an existing Policy Administration System.



Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.2
Release Notes: Product Studio 1.0.0 application