Finastra LoanIQ Connector

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Mendix has made a Finastra LoanIQ connector available to update or retrieve data through SOAP APIs such as deals, facilities, and customer data. Whether building a new Mendix app from scratch or integrating with Finastra LoanIQ, you will be able to accelerate the development process. 

Contact us to learn about this connector and how to get started with integrating Finastra LoanIQ with your Mendix app.



We have created a connector leveraging the Finastra LoanIQ API's. This connector contains operations to:
- Insert customer (alias, contact, location, profile)
- Update customer
- Create deal
- Update deal
- Create facility
- Update facility


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: LoanIQ for Customers LoanIQ for Deals LoanIQ for Facilities