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The inbuild web app notification enables an option to send the notification to another user in the system based on the requirement. We have used to sending notifications to users the easiest way by using predefined flows.



  1. Inbuild web app notification enables an option to send a notification to another user within the application.
  2. Other use in the system will be notified immediately as soon as they receive the notification, If the user is not online or logged into the system when the user logs in again they will be notified as “You have a new notification”
  3. User can see the notification by clicking on the bell icon which will be available on the top right side of the screen.
  4. Notification tab will have 2 section(All, Unread)  and Mark All As Read button.
    1. All Section will have all the messages received by the user. It will contain both Read and Unread messages. You can see the total count on the All Section tab container to identify the total messages.
    2. Unread Sections will have only the unread message by the user. You can see the total count on the Unread tab container to identify the total Unread messages.
    3. Mark All As Read button will help the user to consider all the unread messages as read by the user.
  5. Each notification will have a close icon (X), Which will allow the user to delete the notification. It will be a hard delete from DB.


Technical Implementation:

  1. Add SINP_Notification snippet in your layouts.
  2. You can create a notification in your microflow from where you need to send the notification. For that, you can retrieve the user account in your flow, add the create object for the notification entity, and then map the retrieved Account in (Notification_Account) Association and commit the entity in your flow.
  3. Now notification is created successfully.
  4. You can view it by the bell icon which is in your layouts.]
  5. In all tab shows all notifications you receive and the unread tab shows notifications you do not read.
  6. Clicking the mark all as read button will change the unread notifications to read. if you click the (X) it will remove the notification from your page.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.6.14
Release Notes: This module is developed using Mendix components. It is used to send notifications to the users in the easiest way by using predefined flows.