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We have a wide range of AWS connectors and we’re adding new ones all the time. This is part of our strategic alliance with AWS, which also covers other topics.​

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AWS Connector Strategy
There are two types of connectors in the Mendix Marketplace. Platform-supported connectors are built and supported by Mendix as part of the Mendix Platform. Community-supported connectors are built and supported by members of the Mendix development community.​

To learn more about what platform support means read our Marketplace Content Support page.

There are over 250 AWS Services. Our strategy is to provide a platform-supported connector for the most common ones, but also enable you to build your own AWS connectors and publish them as community-supported connectors, if you want.​ Other elements of our AWS Connector strategy include:

  • Secure authentication – using a new technology called AWS IAM Roles Anywhere – which we’ve built into a universal AWS Authentication Connector

  • High quality documentation and enablement. For Mendix Developers, we’re working on a course about AWS Connectors, and for AWS Developers, AWS has just launched an AWS Workshop


Platform-supported Connectors
There are several AWS-specific connectors, linked below for your convenience. At the time of writing, they are:​

Some AWS services do not require an AWS-specific connector and can be supported with an existing, general-purpose connector. At the time of writing, they are:​


Build your own AWS Connector
The key to building a good AWS connector is to use the same AWS Authentication connector that we use for all the platform-supported AWS connectors. If you wish to publish it as a community-supported connector, it is also important to provide good documentation, so other developers understand what it does and how they can use it.


Feedback and Ideas
As the AWS Development Team at Mendix, we’re really keen to get your feedback and ideas, so we can focus the things that matter most to you.
If you just want to give your feedback on a single connector, then you can give it a rating of 1-5 stars, but please add a comment as well.
If you want to share feedback or ideas about multiple connectors, or suggest new ones, then you can email us at and we’ll respond asap.​


For product details, please go directly to the AWS Connectors


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.12.0
Release Notes: Initial Release