Mendix Event Broker

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The Mendix Event Broker is a highly available Event Broker designed to deliver Business Events between Mendix applications. It enables the modelling of Mendix applications that respond in near real-time to events in your organization. Examples are automation microflows that recalculate stock, or workflows that start an approval process when a customer has filed a claim.


The Mendix Event Broker is used in combination with Studio Pro Business Event modelling and the Business Events module from the Marketplace. An Event Broker is required whenever apps using Business Events are deployed to licensed nodes in the Mendix Cloud.


If you want to learn more about Business Events and the Event Broker we invite you to deploy to the Mendix free cloud. Free apps are provided with a multi-tenant Event Broker limited to 1000 events per app per day.


For use with licensed apps in the Mendix cloud, you need to purchase an Event Broker. You can contact your account manager,  your CSM or to order an Event Broker.


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Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.17.0
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