Mendix Business Events

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The Business Events module should be used with Studio Pro 9.18.0 and above.


With Mendix Business Events, applications can signal when something important has happened, and can independently subscribe to these events if they want to be informed. Events are delivered in near real-time, to minimize the time your users have to wait. Business events are like a mailing list to share event notifications between apps.

The key difference between business events and traditional communication between apps, like REST or Web Services, is that there is no direct communication between the different apps. Applications publish events to, or subscribe to events with, an event broker. This optimizes availability for your applications, as applications are not impacted by downtime of other applications. It also simplifies your applications, as you reduce the need for applications to be aware of other applications, simplifying dependency management and impact analysis when changing your software.

To deliver events reliably between your applications, a Mendix Event Broker is required. For apps running the Mendix cloud on licensed nodes, you'll need to purchase a license for a Mendix Event Broker. A limited multi-tentant Event Broker is provided for free apps in the Mendix cloud. If desired for development, you can run your own broker cluster.

Currently, business events can only be deployed to the Mendix Cloud, with other deployment models expected in forthcoming releases.

Typical Use Cases

Business events help you automate the resulting actions when something happens in your organization. The following are examples of when business events can be useful:

  • Registering payments in a financial app, with another app sending a receipt
  • Making an appointment with a service provider in an appointment app, then needing it to be added to the scheduling app of the service provider
  • Customers placing an order in a webshop, and other apps need to take follow-up actions like scheduling shipment, sending the invoice, and reordering inventory stock


To use Mendix Business Events, you will need the following:

  • The Mendix Business Events module from the Mendix Marketplace
  • Studio Pro 9.18 and above
  • At least two Mendix apps: one that publishes the business events and makes them available, and one that subscribes to the business events (you can have as many publishing and consuming apps as you require)
  • An event broker, either a licensed Mendix Event Broker for apps running in the Mendix Cloud or for local testing the local testing broker (see Deployment in mendix docs)
  • Docker for local deployment



Please see Business Events in the Mendix documentation for details.


Version: 3.9.1
Framework Version: 9.18.0
Release Notes: Changes in version 3.9.1 - patch kotlin-stdlib to 1.9.22 to address CVE-2020-29582