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Use this module to replicate the data from a MSSQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle database into your Mendix database. Download version 8 for apps using Atlas UI 3 and version 7 for Atlas UI 2.


Please see Database Replication in the Mendix documentation for details.


Version: 8.1.3
Framework Version: 9.18.4
Release Notes: We included a migration file for the Java dependencies for Studio Pro 10 compatibility
Version: 8.1.2
Framework Version: 9.18.4
Release Notes: - We updated the replication library to version 1.0.3 - This fixes the problem where reference sets with the Overwrite setting would be overwritten multiple times in the same run, accidentally deleting the already imported ones (Ticket #115147) - This may cause a small uptick in memory consumption during import under these conditions.
Version: 8.1.1
Framework Version: 9.18.4
Release Notes: - We added JDBC URL preview to database creation form. - We renamed URL to Host on database creation form to avoid confusion.
Version: 8.1.0
Framework Version: 9.18.4
Release Notes: We upgraded the module to Mendix version 9.18.4 to make it compatible with future versions of Mendix
Version: 8.0.2
Framework Version: 9.0.5
Release Notes: - We fixed an issue with the export of newly created import calls. (Ticket 177681) - We refactored the replication library, which is shared with Excel Importer. It now uses version 1.0.2. - We updated the following drivers: - SQL Server 9.4.0 - PostgreSQL 42.5.4 - Oracle JDBC