IndiuMX Datepicker

Content Type: Widget
Categories: Data


IndiuMX Datepicker provides you with options to disable Weekends, Weekdays, Past or Future Days and custom list of days (for ex: holidays of the year) on top of the default Mendix Datepicker features.


  • Download the Widget from the Mendix Marketplace.
  • Under the General Tab, need to select the Attribute for the widget. It should be in Date Time Format.
  • Then We have the On Change Activity. Select what activity needs to be done whenever there is a change in the Date Picker.
  • Then there is an option to select what days that need to be disabled. The options include Weekend, Weekdays, or None. The user can select any one of them. By default, it will be In None.
  • There is also an option to disable the past and future dates in the calendar. By default, none option will be selected and the user can change the option if they want.
  • There is an option to pass a list of dates. Consider a scenario where you want to disable all the Holidays in a year, this can pass a list of dates as an input to the widget so that those dates will be disabled in the calendar.
    • The Date input should be in the following format: ["7-23-2022","7-28-2022","8-28-2022","8-17-2022","8-22-2022","8-10-2022"]
    • It should be MM-DD-YYYY format. The widget will not accept any format other than this.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.1.0
Release Notes: Datepicker version 1.0 Release