Checkbox set selector (Table)

Category: Widgets
Subcategory: Input widgets


This widget lets you use a list of checkboxes for your Reference Set, plain and simple.


Please see Check Box Set Selector in the Mendix documentation for details.


Version: 6.7.2
Framework Version: 9.6.0
Release Notes: - We've removed all deprecated method throwing warnings - We've implemented consistency check for Display attributes - We've renamed Appearance tab to Display
Version: 6.7.1
Framework Version: 6.0.1
Release Notes: ### Bug fixes - We fixed a bug with contexts when in some cases it was breaking the widget - We fixed compatibility with Studio Pro 9
Version: 6.7
Framework Version: 6.0.1
Release Notes: - Update code style - Cleanup - Fix update method #7
Version: 6.6
Framework Version: 6.0.1
Release Notes: ATTENTION: Upgrading to this version of the widget will reset the values for the Header attribute. Fixed issue #4 - Xpath constraint only replaces the value for CurrentObject once. Fixed issue #5 - Header text is now a translatable string
Version: 6.5
Framework Version: 6.0.1
Release Notes: Added a new version of the widget that uses a microflow as datasource, instead of xpath.