Advanced Audit Trail

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The Advanced Audit Trail App Service allows you to trace changes, use infinitely-scalable and fully-indexed data search. Once configured, the system automatically creates audit snapshots of objects to store in an audit trail. This audit trail is sent to a long-term data storage within the Mendix Cloud infrastructure, and therefore supports complex search queries and won’t affect the performance of the Mendix Operational Database.

It is crucial for organizations in the regulated markets (GxP and 21 CFR Part 11) to properly keep track of important data mutations in their Mendix applications

With the Advanced Audit Trail we provide:

  • Tracability of changes
  • Detailed insight in writing data
  • Infinitely scalable and fully indexed data search





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  • Records the timestamp, the old value and the changed value, the microflow that triggered the change, and whether the object was created, modified, or deleted, and the user who made the change and their user role
  • Supports viewing all changes that happened in the same microflow, which helps the auditor understand the context better
  • Captures the checksum, file size, and name of files which can be used for validation
  • Supports scheduled events that regularly sends the stored snapshots to an external system
  • Allows the developer to configure an input field where additional information can be supplied about the snapshot to be created—once added, this category will be automatically added to all snapshots
  • Offers microflows and pages that open a generalized view to show users the trail of a specific object
  • Supports decoupling: when the external system cannot be reached, the snapshots will be stored in the local database, thus ensuring that the main system will keep on working without a dependency on the external database
  • Offers auditor interface to search through the external database (across entities)
  • Supports full-text search on data and search on changed data, and export of data to the CSV format using Kibana
  • Support configuring different permissions for audit data for different users


Commercial license terms applied.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.12.0
Release Notes: Initial Release