Omnext Software Analysis Suite (SAS)

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The Omnext Software Analysis Suite (SAS) is an automated quality assurance suite that helps you to get the most out of te Mendix platform. SAS is a cloud-based tool developed by Omnext and is designed to help developers built high quality, future-proof and secure apps using the Mendix Platform.

SAS allows you to:

  • Automatically measure your app against technology specific Best Practices and ISO-25010 software quality guidelines. SAS does not only analyze the Mendix model, but also any custom JAVA and JavaScript (Widgets etc.) in your app.
  • Identify any used Open Source components, including licenses and known security vulnerabilities.
  • Detect any security risks and authorization misconfigurations.


Additional information:

  • SAS does not require any installations or downloads. It is a complete SaaS solution.
  • SAS has a full CI/CD integration and API capabilities. 


Demo url

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Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: - Full Mendix quality analysis - Full custom JAVA quality analysis - Full custom JavaScript quality analysis - Full Open Source analysis - Full Access Rule analysis - Full CI/CD integration