Set URL React

Category: Widgets
Subcategory: Utility


Widget to overwrite the url of a page, best used in combination with the Deeplink Module.


Demo url

Set URL React

This is a widget that overwrites the url of the page. For example from /p/accountoverview to /link/accounts.

There is no need to fill in the base-url of the application, this is done automatically.

This widget in itself doesn't do much except visually change the url in your browser. If you want to actually have a working URL you should use this widget together the the Deeplink Module.


  • Overwrite page url
  • Strips spaces from url


  • Add the widget to the page you wish to overwrite the URL for.
  • Configure the desired url in the widget (without the base app url).

Demo project

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Version: 1.1.0
Framework Version: 9.6.10
Release Notes: Bugfix for slow loading pages and better handling between static text and dynamic text
Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.6.10
Release Notes: Initial release