Mendix Operations Manager

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Mendix has revolutionized the speed at which organizations can create new digital solutions. And yet rapid change and flexible software also brings risks: How do I use Mendix to rapidly innovate new digital solutions, while remaining secure, compliant, in control of costs, and ensure consistent quality?

Mendix Operations Manager (MxOM) provides the answer to your governance needs. MxOM enables you to create policies that enable you to govern your applications, providing control over security, quality, licenses, and application availability.

MxOM provides a single dashboard from which to manage all aspects of your Mendix application operations:

  • Version Management
  • Security Management
  • Log Management
  • License Management
  • CI/CD Automation
  • Task Management

Policies are used to check the state of an application before it is deployed, and also to monitor apps that have already been deployed. MxOM gives you the confidence to focus on development speed, while automating the tedious and yet important topics of compliance, security, quality, and costs.



Built on Mendix, MxOM is offered as a SaaS solution. Each customer receives their own instance, ensuring that customer data is separated. Blue Storm manages all MxOM upgrades and support. An agent (downloadable module) is required in each app if you want to make use of the log and license monitoring features.


Important data (such as app log files) is encrypted, and only accessible to users that have been assigned to a specific app or group of apps. Blue Storm has no access to customer data. SSO is used for authentication, and role assignments are done by the customer.


Licensing is based on the number of apps managed, and a base hosting fee.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: Initial release.