Compliance Complaint Tracking

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Every financial institution must comply with governmental regulatory requirements.

Customer complaints are often associated with suspected violation of these regulatory requirements, so the investigation, impact and resolution of these complaints must be documented  and stored for up to 15 years after the complaint has been filed.

Existing compliance software applications in the market won't fit the specific requirements and processes required by the financial institutions and lack comprehensive capabilities and adaptability, leading to a poor and frustrating user experience.

The Compliance Complaint Tracking Demonstrator is a lightweight, end-to-end complaint handling system that is fully customizable to the financial institutions’ processes, which is key because no two banks manage and track complaints in the same way.

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Key features of this Demonstrator application:

  • Manage complaints from different channels such as a selfservice portal, social media channels, external sources like Zendesk, Allegiance, JIRA, or the CFPB Consumer Complaints Database
  • Smart ‘tagging’ functionality based on keywords so complaints are assigned to the correct departments to be resolved
  • The application offers multiple user interfaces for Customers and Back Office teams like compliance team members and department members
  • Intelligence and flexibility of Mendix Workflow, offering dynamic workflows to route the complaint through multiple paths, like ‘action needed’, ‘known complaint’, et cetera. These workflows can be modified easily to match the institution's resolution processes
  • After a complaint has been resolved, the application uses Mendix Email Service (a Premium App Service) to update the customer on the complaint resolution
  • Logging of actions taken and PDF reporting for auditing purposes


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: n/a