Dynamic Native Enumeration picker

Content Type: Widget


Whenever the developer wanted to show some enum attribute values based on specific expression or (scenario), this widget would help. 

Dynamically reset the Enum values (subset of Mendix Enum attribute values ) to that one return by the expression mentioned.



8.18.14 and above should work fine (Mendix studio pro 8.18.14 used to develop and test ) 



This Widget would allow choosing Enum values based on condition, also it allows choosing subset of Enum (Mendix attribute), and developer should specify the return value as a string divided by commas between each Enum value   .

If string was not one of the Enum attribute values (not the keys), the dropdown would show that value but when user chose it, the attribute value would reset to empty with warning on the console.

Make sure to copy the exact Enum values into the return scenario string; do not leave space(s) between the Enum value and the commas.


Typical usage scenario

When subset of Enum values should appear to user only when specific condition meets.


Features and limitations

Dropdown menu similar or close to Mendix dropdown / still some ui differences

One widget instance to achieve multiple scenarios /Enum (keys-values) should be same

Built in Validation

Empty value placeholder

On Change, event handler tied with the Enum attribute value


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 8.18.14
Release Notes: Enumeration Picker Dynamic and conditional