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With this module you are able to exercise full control over your 3d models. Not only can you display the models from any position, but you can also fully control the display from your own logic based on xpath, microflow, nanoflow etc. This makes this module perfect for linking 3d models to any desired process.

As you might expect, the module consists of an extensive set of plugable widgets that are all fully configurable according to your needs. More about this can be found under the tab "Documentation".

To make it easy for you, we've included the widgets in a small module so you can get started right away. We even included some example models for you to play around with. Once usage is clear, you can implement the widgets in any way you want.


Demo url

Collection of Mendix widgets that allows to show any IFC or GLTF models. Combine the widgets with Mendix business logic to create various applications, for example maintenance or building information systems.

To load a IFC or GLTF model file. It has to be converted to a optimalized format that can load quickly within the browser. Converting can be done easily through our converter service. For more information about the converter service, check out the documentation here.

For examples, navigate to the Demo application. Login with:

  • Username: WidgetUser
  • Password: Simplylogic.2022

The widgets are based on the opensource library from Xeokit, which is licensed under the Affero GPL V3 license.

For extended documenten, go to the documentation on Github.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.6.10
Release Notes: Initial release for the 3D Viewer Mendix module. It includes the module, widgets and demo models.