ArcGIS Demo Project (React)

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This demo project shows the full capabilities of the new ArcGIS widget, based on React, the Pluggable Widgets API and the newest (02-2022) ArcGIS API 4.22.

The demo project creates GIS objects and layers / groups in the after startup. The demo project tries to be self explanatory; per each of the scenarios built into the demo project the configuration steps can be read on screen, but also be found within the page + widget settings in Studio Pro.

Features include:

  1. Static (in widget settings) as well as dynamic (front end, in app) loading of layers
  2. Optional custom markers for each layer
  3. Optional marker clustering per layer
  4. Fully configurable pop-up windows per layer with both attributes from Mendix as well as ArcGIS
  5. Three types of add on widgets:
    1. Toggle layers pane (disable/enable layers by users)
    2. Search widget; let an end user search on location
    3. Legend: a legend entry for each layer. Also works with custom markers


Demo url


Self explanatory and fully configured demo project to show all capabilities of the new ArcGIS widget based on React, the Mendix Pluggable Widgets API and the newest ArcGIS API (4.22 / 02-2022)

Typical usage scenario

If visualization of Mendix data on an ArcGIS map is needed

Features and limitations

  1. Loading of static as well as dynamic layers
  2. Custom styling options for each layer
  3. Optional marker clustering per layer
  4. Full control of infowindow content, both Mendix as well as ArcGIS attributes can be used
  5. Supporting widgets can be enabled/disabled to end user liking:
    1. Toggle layer visibility
    2. Search on location
    3. Legend per layer


  • Mendix 8 and up

Installation [optional]

  1. Download the project and run it.
  2. In the after startup all necessary data will be created.
  3. Once the app is opened, there is on screen guidance how to set up the different features of the ArcGIS widget.
  4. Check each scenario via navigating to the ‘Scenario’ menu item and choosing a scenario.


  • Doesn't include drawing
  • No ArcGIS authentication


Feel free to contact me in case of questions. See the ‘About' page in the demo project as well. Also see GitHub for for the code of the ArcGIS React widget: ArcGIS React Widget 2.0


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.6.6
Release Notes: First version, compatible with React ArcGIS widget version 1.0.0.