Mx Client Actions

Content Type: Module
Categories: Tracing


Looking for the CurrentUser/CurrentLanguage or DeviceType in nanoflows? Look no further this module is a set of Javascript actions that does exactly that and more!


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This is a module that provides a set a javascript actions that exposes some of the Mendix Client API function that are currently missing in nanoflows like the CurrentUser and DeviceType.

Typical usage scenario

Add any of the javascript actions to a nanoflow to get a result back. All of these actions use the Mendix Client API to get a result and will not trigger any server activity.

Features and limitations

  • Get Current User

  • Get Current Language

  • Get UserRoles

  • Has UserRole

  • Is Anonymous

  • Get App Url

  • Get Device Type

  • Can Close Page

  • Show Mx Loginpage


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.6.7
Release Notes: Initial Release